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Born: 14 October 1957, Graz (Styria, Austria)
Address: Arnikaweg 124/61, A-1220 Vienna
Mobil 0043/(0)699/11-74-85-42

1964-1968 Primary school, Leibnitz
1968-1976 Secondary school, Leibnitz

1976-1980 Studies of law (diploma program), University of Graz
1980 Graduation (Magistra iuris)
1980-1981 Continuation of studies (doctoral program), University of Graz
1981 Second graduation (Doctor iuris)

1981-1982 Practice at court in Graz, since 1982 official in Vienna

Languages: German, English; reading knowledge of Latin and French

Isolde Engeljehringer was born in 1957 in Graz, Styria. She finished her studies in law (diploma program) at the University of Graz with her graduation (Magistra iuris) and 1981 with the second graduation (Doctor iuris). After court practice in Graz, she has been a civil servant in Vienna since 1982.

In addition to numerous classes taken at art schools, including courses hosted by Peter Mairinger, Bogdan Baku, Isolde Folger, Lucia Riccelli, Gerhard Almbauer, Marina Thurnhofer, as well as by Josef Kaiser at the University of Applied Arts Vienna, she further developed her skills autodidactically. The artist’s oeuvre is primarily dedicated to acrylic painting on canvas.

Two main themes are giving distinction to the artist’s oeuvre: i.e., the human body, in particular the female body, and expressive abstraction. The artist receives her inspiration from live models, and their physical movements, as well as from the movements of her own emotions, which she expresses in a gestural and colourful way.

Her favourite concept is what she calls "Cyberladies": strong, contemporaneous women, who are standing the challenges of the modern world, and at the same time preserving their female beauty. Depicting their flowing, graceful movements would express an erotic aesthetics, which is characteristic of the artist’s approach. Her approach affirms the natural artlessness of human sexuality as well as the creative artificiality of human eroticism. It expresses intense erotic joy but also colours of pain.

The dynamics of physical and emotional movement caught in the artist’s paintings is supported by the strong colours she is using, like red, blue, green, and black, while the colours of extravagance, i.e. gold and silver, would express the more artificial dimension of erotic temptation.

The artist has shown her works in 45 solo and group exhibitions since 2007

Austria, Vienna Künstlerhaus, Vienna City Hall, Grand Casino Baden, Viennese galleries like Otto Wagner Gallery, Time Gallery, Anton Bruckner Gallery, Gallery at Domenig-Haus, La Petite Gallery, Gallery STEINER art & wine, Gallery Merikon Art Room, Vienna Accessible Art Fair, Gallery Kunstraum – Ringstraßengalerien

International: 2009 Castle Romans d`Isonzo  (Italy), 2010 Son Bauló, Cultura & Culina (Mallorca/Spanien), 2011 Art Fair Shanghai (China), 2012 kunStart 12 - biennial art fair, Bozen (Italy), 2012 VIII International Contemporary Art Fair Marbella (Spain), 2013 Gallery Steiner & ARTseefeld Gallery Zurich (Switzerland)

www.engeljehringer.com        www.engeljehringer.eu

Selected Exhibitions

2013 Gallery Kunstraum Ringstrassengalerien, 1010 Vienna
2013 Gallery Steiner/Wien & ARTseefeld Galerie/Zurich, SWITZERLAND
2013 Gallery Merikon Art Room, 1010 Vienna
2013 Kulturzentrum Reither-Haus, Herzogenburg, Lower Austria

2012 Künstlerhaus Wien Koaxiale 2012, 1010 Vienna
2012 Grand Casino Baden
2012 VIII International Contemporary Art Fair in Marbella, SPAIN
2012 The gallery steiner, 1010 Vienna

2012 Grand Casino Baden - Tera-Vienna
2012 Gallery Merikon Art Room, 1010 Vienna
2012 Lions-Club Charity Event, 1010 Vienna Maxim
2012 kunStart 12 - biennial art fair, Bozen/Bolzano

2011 Vienna Accessible Art Fair 2011, Hotel Le Meridien, 1010 Vienna
2011 Art Fair Shanghai 2011, CHINA
2011 Hotel de France, 1010 Vienna
2011 Gallery at Domenig-Haus, 1100 Vienna
2011 La Petite Gallery (galerie time), 1180 Vienna
2011 Charity Event with Nikolay Baskov, 1010 Vienna
2011 The gallery Steiner, 1010 Vienna

2010 WUK Churúm-Merú, 1090 Vienna
2010 KunstWerkStatt am Spittelberg, 1070 Vienna
2010 Theater Nestroyhof Hamakom – Charity Event Kunstasyl, 1020 Vienna
2010 Vienna City Hall, 1010 Vienna
2010 Hofburg - Michaelertor, Alt-Wiener Bund, 1010 Vienna

2010 The gallery Steiner, 1010 Vienna
2010 Son Bauló, Cultura & Culina, Mallorca, SPAIN
2010 Anton Bruckner Galerie, Ansfelden (Uper Austria)
2010 Villon, 1010 Vienna
2010 Gallery Time, 1010 Vienna

2009 Otto Wagner Gallery, 1140 Vienna
2009 Wr. Bezirksfestwochen - Bezirksmuseum Hietzing, 1130 Vienna
2009 Grand Casino Baden; Baden
2009 Castle Borc da Vila, Romans d`Isonzo - Gorizia – ITALY

2008 Villon, 1010 Vienna
2008 Lions-Club Charity Event, 1010 Vienna
2008 Gallery Cafe zum Hundertwasserhaus, 1030 Vienna
2008 Café Bellaria, 1010 Vienna
2008 Amtshaus Margareten, 1050 Vienna
2008 Chill out, 1010 Vienna

2007 Charity Events Licht ins Dunkel
2007 Villon, 1010 Vienna
2007 Villa Wertheimstein, 1190 Vienna
2007 Lions-Club Charity Event, 1120 Vienna

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